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Curvink bv is based in the Netherlands and was founded in 2013 to be worldwide agent for Till-Tech GmbH in Germany.  Curvink sells Till’s digital inkjet technology to the glass bottle manufacturing industry.

In close cooperation with Rosario c2c bv, also based in the Netherlands, Curvink is not only able to supply the complete inkjet printing line but also ready to serve the users of the Till  equipment. Rosario c2c bv has an almost 50 years experience in supplying screen printing machinery to the glass bottle industry worldwide.


DIRECT DIGITAL DECORATION is a cost efficient solution for all applications where traditional decorations, like paper-and plastic labels, sleeves and screen printing have reached their limits and have become too expensive.


Full color decorations, spot colours, instant switches between decorations have become a reality at a very attractive cost due to the application at high speed.


We are convinced that digital inkjet printing will be tomorrow’s answer to a modern need of full colour flexible printing. It will definitely replace a great part of the traditional bottle decoration methods.



of bottles

will go digital!

Full colour

Organic inks

Decorated bottles

We herewith present just a few bottle (im)printed by inkjet, which should give you an impression of the way you may  decorate your bottles.

Of course full colour, but also very fine printing and a modern design. Each decoration can be individualized by changing a colour, text, name or a number and all these changes can be controlled automatically through the software of the Till Inkjet printer. Automatic printing of individualized bottles.


Also on concaved bottle shapes can be printed.

High speed

(Up to 600 bpm)





Laboratory unit


Linear machine


Dedicated Indexing carousel


Continuous motion Carousel

24 stations


Continuous motion Carousel

48 stations

Maximum speeds *)



30pcs /hour


5-60 pcs /minute








Number of smart

print modules




1 - 8


Separate inkjet heads






Number of colours



Full color, optional 2 spot colors


Full color, optional 2 spot colors


2 or 3 (spot)colors


Full color + optional 2 spot colors



Full color + optional 2 spot colors

*) the speed very much depends on the diameter of the bottle, height of the print and type and quality of the artwork/final print



  • Full colour UV curable inks (CMYK + white with 8 gray scales)
  • Stand alone units
  • Modular concept on linear machines, adding of extra modules possible
  • Fully automatic ink dispensing system
  • Quick change Till Smart Print modules
  • Contactless printing
  • Immediate change of artwork through software
  • Quick change of artwork to another diameter of bottle, by quick change 'snap-on' base cups
  • Automatic printing of unique bottles



A typical Till Inkjet line consists of:


  • A preflame/silane pretreatment
  • A combined primer application unit and drying tunnel
    (no heating required)
  • Till Smart Print module(s) unit to print CMYK + white + protective varnish
  • OR dedicated 2 or 3 colour print heads+ protective varnish
  • LED UV pinning  8 Watt
  • Final UVA curing

Compact machine (9m2)

Technical specifications:


  • 50-100 mm diameter round bottles and glasses
  • Concave and slightly conical shapes are possible
  • 320 mm height bottles
  • Max printable height 190mm on body only
  • Xsaar inkjet heads
  • Resolution 360 dpi
  • Starwheel in –and outfeed on carousel machines
  • Visual inspection optional

UV cured

A better life

for your


UV inks  are made out of organic compounds and pigments and are free of heavy metals. Direct printing of the UV inks on glass containers makes the use of paper and plastic substrates obsolete. The ink cost is a fraction of the total

label cost.


UV inks are cured by UV lamps which makes the decoration scratch-, water and pasteurization resistance. With the

colours C(yanea) M(agenta) Y(ellow) K(black)  and white as

a basis you will be able to create your own very big scale of colours.


The total cost of ownership of direct digital decoration is

more than competitive to current high-quality decoration

such as self-adhesive labels, sleeves or screen-print for any order quantity.


Recycling of the with UV inks printed bottles has no effect

on the recycled glass or environment.

UV Ink technology


of artwork in minutes


Our goal is to optimize your daily glass inkjet printing production. With almost 50 years of experience we can be seen as an authority in its field.


The buying of Till machinery in combination with our services is crucial to achieve the desired performance.


It is even more important to maintain this desired performance at the required level, which very much depends on the state of the equipment and  the reliablity of the production line; 90% of your efficiency  depends on a consistant production.

Together with Till Gmbh we offer a wide range of services and machine maintenance programs, varying from personal training, part supplies, straight forward on site machine repairs,  machine inspections and repair advice, preventative-maintenance agreements and scheduled maintenance jobs.



Everdenberg 113


The Netherlands

Tel.: + 31 162 44 77 50



Curvink works in close cooperation with Rosario c2c.

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